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A ‘Member’ is a person who has purchased the membership of the Post Graduate Law Society (PGLS) in this academic year, starting in September 2019. 

A Non-Member is a person who has not purchased such membership of the PGLS.  

Any and every person has to purchase a membership ticket before purchasing a ‘Member Ticket’. 

Notwithstanding the above mentioned clause, Non-members who purchase a Member Ticket’, are required to purchase the membership in the next 5 days, starting from the day of purchasing their ‘Member Ticket’.

They should send an email to informing their new membership status, after they purchase the membership. The email must include both reference numbers of the Member ticket and membership purchase.

Failure to purchase the membership will result in denying access / entry to the event. 


All the tickets are Non-refundable in nature. The PGLS executive committee reserves the right to decide upon the request for refunds. 


External guests have to purchase the ‘Non-Member ticket’, nevertheless the fact that they are accompanying a Member of the PGLS.


Subject to the availability of the total no. of tickets (150), the tickets could be sold out at any phase of sales.

The PGLS executive committee will devise controls for confirming the tickets have been purchased according to buyer's membership status.

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