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After purchasing the ticket, 

You will receive an e-receipt from KCLSU with subject - 'Your purchase from KCLSU'. It should contain the following message:


Thank you for your purchase from KCLSU.

Your reference number is____________


Please print this receipt or keep a note of this number.


Your items:
Item: Post Graduate Law Society - Annual June Ball, 2020 Tue 2 Jun 2020 - Member / Non-Member.
Qty: 1
Price: _____________
Total: _____________
Sub Total:_________

Thank you for purchasing the ticket! We can't wait to celebrate the event with you!In order for us to make the event as amazing as possible for you, we need to know you a little better. Fill out this google form and wait for us to contact you, via email, with regards to your specific seating arrangement and dietary requirements! Please keep your reference number nearby while filling out the form.

Thank you & and see you soon.

In case you haven't received the e-receipt, you can fill the fill the following form here: 

After filling the EVENT FORM - 1, you will be contacted by us by 1st week of April with regards to your seating preferences, dietary requirements & Allergens, if any. If we do not reach you out by 4th April, please drop us an email @ or a text in our social media handles. 

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